Masterplan Design for the Windausweg District
In collaboration with Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten, Günther Vogt
Located in a key position between the city center and the most important green areas surrounding it. The projects consists of 3 blocks, each one  made of 3 buildings, host a variety of housing units, and clustered around a central square. The design is based on three different flexibility concepts.
The first one is the adaptability of the volumetric configuration: while in the proposal the each block is a cluster of 3 buildings, many other configurations are possible, among them urban villas and row houses. The developers are so able to provide the best options for the inhabitants and their needs: in this case, one block belongs to the Municipal Housing Society and the remaining to two different Co-operative Housing Societies. The second concept regards the floor plan design, which allows a wide range of housing units fostering social and generational mix of inhabitants. Lastly the functional flexibility, which provides a mix of residential (mainly from the first floor upward) and non-residential functions such as services, restaurants, common areas, local meeting places and work spaces (mainly on the ground and first floors).
Client: Städtische Wohnungsbau Göttingen GmbH
Location: Göttingen – Germany
Year: 2011
Site area: 25.000 sqm
Total floor area: 18.000 sqm
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2° Place – Reserved Competition “Göttingen- Windausweg“
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