Two apartment buildings, eight different housing sizes and lifestyles

The project is located in a longitudinal lot arranged along the main northern route leading to the urban center, replacing four residential buildings built after the war. Two four-story twin buildings are connected through the basements by a space containing the bicycle parking area and the ecological area. The two buildings present simple spacing, characterized by a distinct treatment of the main facades. The internal front, oriented towards the west, is defined by a series of loggias and balconies; while the east one, facing the street, has two partial regressions on the top floor which appear as exceptions to the linearity of the facade, marked by openings of different and smaller size.
Client: Städtische Wohnungsbau Göttingen GmbH
Location: Göttingen - Germany
Year: 2018 (Project), 2019 (Completed)
Site area: 5.100 sqm
Total floor area: 3.750 sqm











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