Abu Dhabi Vision – Masterplan for Abu Dhabi’s Development 2030

The future metropolis of Abu Dhabi has the potential to become an Urban Oasis between water and green dunes, refreshed by sea breezes, protected from winds and sand storms. The urban oasis provides a comfortable settlement and high life quality, while being projected towards the future aiming to a contemporary city, a sustainable civic space for the community. The concept integrates characteristic physical configurations regarding mobility, compact construction, high density, proximity, green corridors and shielding dunes, relationships between indoor and outdoor, mobility on water, cable cars, over- and under-ground, while optimizing energy efficiency strictly correlated to the climate characteristics. The proposal suggests a real prospective of great efficiency and potentiality on architectural, urban and economical levels.

Client: Vision – Abu Dhabi Urban Oasis
Location: Abu-Dhabi – U.A.E.
Year: 2012
Collaborations: Transsolar GmbH  (energy concept), Prof. M.R. Vittadini and Prof. A. Barp by University IUAV (mobility and transport)