Design Proposal for the Guggenheim Museum

Along restoring nature in the Helsinki bay, the project aims to share with the world, citizens and visitors a new approach to human habitat and urbanity, in a continuous dialogue about the soul and essence of humanity in relation to its physical habitat.
The building is metaphorically resting on rocks along the harbor piers. The solid and discontinuous elements (rocks, stones, curved walls) create a flowing space composed of open and closed areas, different platforms and water tables. Above, representing the forest, symbol for the everlasting strength and intensity of nature, three large wooden elements rise defining the internal exhibition space, providing different means for displaying arts through the variations of light and a multiplicity of content, achieved through digital technologies. The reinstated natural environment creates a new adaptable, crossable and movable space, representing the new state of connectivity that humanity seeks with its habitat: Living within nature through forms, elements and natural materials while perceiving and enjoying digital technologies and multimedia experiences.

Client: Solomon R.Guggenheim Foundation
Location: Helsinki – Finland
Year: 2014






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