Expansion of Hamburg City Center

The competition addressed the expansion of Hamburg city centre within the dock area on the Elbe River. The proposal gives structure to the new part of the city centre through the design of open public spaces and docklands. The Old City and the Elbe River are visually and functionally connected by new axis: these wide “rambla” are simultaneously streets, boulevards, gardens and squares with underground parking, forming a new urban space which functions as a landmark for the whole district. The proposal will allow space for cultural and sport centers, 5200 housing units, a new public naval station for cruise boats and a new subway station.

Client: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
Location: Hamburg – Germany
Year: 1999
Site area: 1.100.000 sqm
Total floor area: 1.550.000 sqm

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Finalist Project – 1999
International Competition “Hafencity Hamburg“- Germany
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