Greater Helsinki Vision 2050
Development of the Helsinki Region 

The proposal intends to provide open solutions of approach and models, in order to develop sustainable strategies, which aim at transforming the metropolitan area of Helsinki into an attractive region consisting of people, culture and investment. To allow an increase of 2-million inhabitants, alongside the existing historical system of “green corridors” (Saarinen’s plan – 1918), the metropolitan city development should host new “corridors” with an agglomerative function, extended urban filament of compact developments acting as attractors and catalysts within the metropolitan area. These densely urbanized “filaments” and the green open corridors create a complementary system generating a new structure where full and empty volumes define the territory making it accessible and interconnected. Acting as great attractors, the filaments form a system of connective and development axes, creating a new territorial framework and becoming gateways for small-scale suburban areas and large natural systems, which could therefore surround the metropolitan area.

International competition
Client: Greater municipality of Helsinki
Location: Helsinki – Finland
Year: 2007
Site area: Helsinki metropolitan region – 13 municipalities
Total floor area: 70.000.000 sqm