Urban and Architectural Design for Place Lella Yeddouna

The proposal focus on the relationship between the contemporary and historical identity of Medina of Fez. The two fundamental spatial concepts leading the proposal focus on inserting a modern architecture into the landscape, while maintaining the size and proportion of the historic square. The idea of re-configuring the historical center into compact volumes by multiplying the incisions further defines and underlines the continuity of public space, the ground level and its transparencies and wide openings. The proposed new volumes allow the continuous alternation of different spaces for activities, meeting, artisans’ production, education, display, shops and entertainment, creating a flow of spaces that emphasizes and reinforces the typical characteristic of the traditional Old Town and welcoming all its visitors.

Client: Agency for the Development and Rehabilitation of the city of Fez and Agency of Partnership for Progress
Location: Medina of Fez – Marocco
Year: 2010
Site area: 9.365 sqm