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43 Student/Senior Social Housing Units

The 4-storey housing replaces a building from the sixties, which was no longer usable, allowing doubling the living and floor area. The building hosts 96 student apartments which starting from 2025 are planned and optimized in such a way to welcome elderly users: the change regarding the building inhabitants has been planned to address the demographic aging projection of the local population. In order to adapt to this planned change of users and their needs, the layout has been designed and optimized to provide flexibility: the design of both rooms and interiors is outlined so that only small changes will have to be made. The potential of using the ground floor as well as the upper levels for social exchange and individual or group activities, awards the building with an integral advantage as center for exchange between generations and as accelerator for an improved sociality for the entire area.
Client: Städtidsche Wohnungsbau GmbH Göttingen
Location: Göttingen – Germany
Year: 2013 (Project), 2015 (Completed)
Site area: 3.000 sqm
Built area: 4.000 sqm
Photographer: Roland Halbe















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