• A Future oriented urban ensemble - Awarded with "Anerkennung"
    Hebertshausen, Germany
  • Museum of History and the future
    Linnianniemi, Turku, Finland
  • Grüne Mitte Ebertal: re-development and urban regeneration of a social housing neighborhood built in the sixties
    Göttingen, Germany
  • Grüne Mitte Ebertal: the construction of the second building will start in summer 2021
    Göttingen, Germany
  • Refurbishment of a 1960’s building for the Sparkasse downtown customer center
    Göttingen, Germany
  • Dubai Iconic Mosque
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Refurbishment of an ancient farmhouse
    Südtirol, Italy
  • Expansion of the Lohbergschule which serves as a common room for the residents of the quarter Grüne Mitte Ebertal
    Göttingen, Germany
  • A school complex serving as a neighborhood center connecting people and generations
    Parma, Italy
  • Social housing with nursery and commercial spaces
    Bremen, Germany
  • A house for 96 students designed as 43 dwelling for seniors
    Göttingen, Germany
  • Social housing as an opportunity to regenerate urbanity on the site of a former barrack
    Göttingen, Germany
  • The jury of the «Zukunft Wohnen Architekturpreis» recognized that the great sculptural unity of the entire complex is strengthened by creating a place
  • Integrative housing: the head building of the complex hold special housing for mentally disabled people, common spaces and commercial services
    The project has been chosen for the campaign to promote affordable housing
  • Multifunctional Theatre: the telescopic grandstand can be closed and the hall becomes a space available for exhibitions, dances and events.
    Botticino, Italy
  • Il centro di Bicocca: ten residential towers for 500 apartments free up space for an urban park of 3 hectares
    Milano, Italy